Friday, June 8, 2012

Don't put off tomorrow what you can do today...

Geez... it's been so long since my last entry... and I'm thinking... maybe I'm not really cut out for this blogging stuff.  I procrastinate too much... ALWAYS.  Seriously, if I don't have a deadline, then I am constantly letting things slide. I've still got tomorrow, right, is my usual line of thinking.  Well... let me gather all my yesterdays together, and fill them all into one nice fat post today!  How do you like them apples? :)

First though, understand why I'm not always quite so on the ball... I have three kids, I work full time, I have super amazing friends that I love to spend time with, and go away with, and I waste too much time on Facebook.  Point finale.   Hm.  I'd have to say though, that a lot of that time is spent admiring other artists' artwork which is definitely NOT a waste of time, but instead, a nice big fat kick in the ass to me, to get me motoring.  And speaking of asses... try keeping that thing firm when you're sitting all day long!  So... I walk.  Oh, and did I mention that I paint too, with any spare minute that I can find - at times even early in the morning before heading out to work, thus causing me to arrive late?  Ya.  I paint... a lot.

Anyway, here are a few portraits that I've completed since January - including the one that I thought was going to be nice and subdued (where I left off in my last post)... with nice shades of pale yellows.  Well, it didn't quite turn out as I first planned, and when I completed the painting, I pretty much hated it.  It was only recently, when I finally cut my paper off the board (I use paper tape to secure my watercolour paper to my painting surface), that I actually began to like the painting a little bit!

Delicate Cycle - 12" x 19" - January 2012

Here are a few more watercolours that I recently completed...

Insignificant Boundaries - 18.5" x 27.5" - February 2012

Burning Bridges - 20" x 28" - May 2012

The above paintings are of my daughters Rebecca (the blonde) & Robin (the redhead)... well.. I couldn't leave out the boy, now could I?  So here's one of my son Ryan... depicting him in his own little world, the only world he really cares about.

Bearing the Weight of His World -  20" x 28" - April 2012

My kids have been, and I presume, always will be, a constant source of inspiration for me.  I still have several more in mind to paint... I particularly want to do a life-size acrylic painting of Robin... but alas, I've been side-tracked - and not with procrastination - I know you were thinking it!! lol

I have more to post, but will put them in a separate entry, hopefully within the next couple of days... pinky swear.