Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Light as a Feather

Ugh... I meant to get to bed early tonight, but that's not happening...

I started prepping for a new watercolour, and I've been playing with it tonight... It's a portrait of my beautiful daughter Rebecca... yes, AGAIN!  Some might think her my muse, as I have frequently painted her, but that sounds almost too perverse for me to even consider such a thought!

The drawing below is from a photo that I recently took of her.  She is far more graceful than her mother, and her height lends to her beauty, along with her elegant hands, wispy hair and charming grin.  I want to capture all of that, in soft warm shades of yellows and greys, with just a hint of colour.

Becca is what is considered "hipster" amongst her peers, but we just call her the "hippie" at home.  She has raided my closet more than once, taking all of my once-upon-a-time "cool" clothes that I salvaged, in hopes that either they'd come back into style, or simply perhaps that I might fit into them again!  (ya right...)

Anyway, as you can also see from the photo, I'm playing with the background a bit... I'm just working on scraps of paper for this, until my idea is fully formed... but I kind of like the way the feathers are developing so far.  I want them to frame her softly, in subtle shades of colour...

Hopfully I can pull this off!!  I'll try to keep on top of this and post updates as I progess, as long as I don't screw up!

Okay, ta ta... off to bed........zzzzzzzzzz

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  1. Wow Lisa. I really like this with the feathers. soft, beautiful, with a touch of the elusive.