Sunday, December 4, 2011

Missing in Action - Action Packed

Wow... am I ever pathetic... but I have reasons... really, I do.  First and foremost, I don't have an audience here on my blog - ha!  Secondly, I don't have a life!  I work too much... and it's getting to me... a little bit... because it's eating into my time.  Speaking of time, that's something else that I don't have, but heck, I just like to fill it up till there aren't enough seconds left on the clock.  On top of working full time, plus overtime, I was involved in a play that our theatre group presented at the end of November.  We spent over two months rehearsing for a lousy three nights of performances.  Why do I do it, you might ask, if it's over and done with so quickly?  It's a rush.  It's fun.  I enjoy it.  I regain some sanity.  I get to work on my memory, which I've been losing for many many years, and it's quite incredible that I can even retain the amount of lines that I do have to learn, especially when I couldn't even begin to tell you what I had for dinner last night, let alone a ton of childhood memories.  That's why I take pictures, tons of them... they are my memory banks, because I'm certain my life-long friend, Diane, who's been feeding me bits and pieces, here and there, of what I've forgotten over the years, may not stick around forever.  Oh... that's crazy, of course she will always be there for me... but I may forget who she is! ha!

Anyway, aside from working on the production, I have been pretty busy with the palette too.  I completed one of my biggest portraits ever, but have yet to post it anywhere, as I have yet to present it.  It's a 3-foot by 4-foot canvas of my boss.  Yup, my boss.  He turned 60 this year, end of October, and my co-workers thought it might be a nice idea if I painted him a painting.  I really like this painting of him, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he likes it too.  Still have no idea when we are going to give it to him... hopefully in the next couple of weeks, because you know what... it's enough that I've seen that man every day at the office for the past 22 years, but to have him staring at me from every angle, sitting on my easel, in my livingroom... it's kind of eerie, don't you think?!

I've done a few little in-between paintings as well, little water-colour portraits of my son... I really like them, as they were quick, one-nighters, not too much thought process to them, but they were a lot looser than what I'm accustomed to doing.

I also finished my watercolour of my precious Simba, my 17-year old cat.  It didn't turn out quite as I had hoped, but it'll do.  It's all right... I suppose... I think I made the background too dark... ah whatever... I can always paint something new another day.

"Such is Life" - 12" x 18" - Watercolour - November 2011

Otherwise, I've got another 3-foot by 4-foot canvas on the go.  I started working on it last weekend when I went away with my girlfriends.  Ya... we do that... at least two to three times per year, we pack up all our painting shit, and take off to a rented cottage for a long weekend.  It's great.  No distractions.  No rules.  No MEN or CHILDREN!!  It's great, and we always have a fabulous time... well most often anyway, whenever other shit doesn't get in the way.  This past weekend, my good pal Wendy had a really bad bout with her migraines, it wasn't good... each morning she woke up to this dreadful pounding, and had to sit out the morning and the early afternoon before it finally cleared by late afternoon, only to go through it two more mornings in a row.  Surprisingly enough, she still whipped out three canvasses!  And I'm still not finished my one... oi.

I'm of course saving the best news for last, but I'll put it in a separate post.  I am so very very VERY excited!! :)

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